This page is made for artists who come here from Gumroad or have a gift/prize license.
If you don't one of them, please get the product you need at [Gumroad] and get back here.
Because Teya Conceptor is linked to Gumroad and product download (free beta/trial or license) is necessary. Polybrush licenses works with Teya Conceptor too.
After that, download version you need, install it and enter your Gumroad email at Teya start:

Windows macOS

Teya Conceptor installer (.exe)

Teya Conceptor (.dmg)

Don't install it to "program files" folder! Use c:\Teya Conceptor\ (as default or any nonsystem folder) "Allow apps downloaded from anywhere" must be enabled in Security and privacy
If you use Avast antivirus maybe you have to disable it temporarily to allow Teya to install Microsoft VC redistributables
Portable (.zip) version*
Teya Conceptor installer (.pkg)
Beta version (of next update)*
Installer without VC redistributables (.msi)*
Installer (.exe) - google drive mirror
Installer (.zip) - google drive mirror

* Microsoft VC redistributables are required for Teya at windows. exe installer setups it automatically. If you using msi installer or portable version and Teya can't start because of missing dlls, here are manual links to install (VC redistributables 2012 (x86), 2014 (x86), 2015-2019 (x86) are necessary): [click to open VC download page]

Don't forget about tutorial! Click here ;)