What is the advantage of the Teya Conceptor?
In usability for kitbashing 3d models from brushes.
Teya's UI is made around this idea. You can do similar things in other software, but here it is simply faster. However, you can use Teya along with your usual programs for greater efficiency. Program is quickly to learn, the main tutorial is less than 17 minutes:

System requirements and supported platforms
- Free trial or license of Teya Conceptor product downloaded from Gumroad (Teya is linked to it)
- Windows or Mac OS. In the future Linux release is also possible. Android and other mobile versions are no in the plans.
- Graphic tablet (like Wacom) is recommended because the workflow is based on drawing. Pen pressure support isn't necessary.
- OpenGL 3.0 or newer (almost every modern video card supports it). You can check your OpenGL version in Teya user/log_file.txt
- CPU/RAM requirements depend on the brushes you will use. Try to use more low-poly objects inside brushes to avoid overloading the scene if FPS is too low.
- HTTP web connection access to teyaconceptor.com server is necessary to check licenses (FTP is recommended to use auto-update and online brush library)
- Permissions to write files (just install it to any non-system folder, like "c:\Teya Conceptor" as default, see below)

Install and run instructions
- Download Teya from Gumroad (link)
- Install and run it. Don't install it to "program files" folder! Use c:\Teya Conceptor\ (as default or any nonsystem folder)
- Enter email you using at Gumroad at Teya startscreen and click 'continue' (that's why Gumroad is necessary, Teya is linked to it)

If Teya can't start and shows '0xc000007b' or 'missing dlls' error (for windows users), make sure you have installed
VC redistributables: 2012 (x86), 2014 (x86), 2015-2019 (x86) are nessassary: [click to open VC download page]

Problem with entering email on the welcome screen field (@ symbol)
if there any problems with entering email to field, you can enter it directly in "values_general_*.txt" file (in the "Teya Conceptor\user" folder inside App) after 'T' symbol, to make line like this:
T yourmail@gmail.com

Antivirus problems, Can't update or auto-update broke Teya Conceptor (Windows)
If you want before all steps you can check Teya.exe and installers with antivirus to make sure that all is safe.
If you haven't installed Teya Conceptor yet, disable antivirus temporally and install it. After that Add "c:\Teya Conceptor\" folder to exclusions.
If you already used Teya and using antivirus, please do the following steps to make auto-update work:
1.Remove Teya.exe from exclusions (if it was there)
2.Add "c:\Teya Conceptor\" folder to exclusions [screenshot]
3.Reboot PC
4. Run Teya, enter the email address you used at gumroad and start work.
You can download last installers here:
To use it, of course, you need to download any gumroad product before (free trial for example):
It's necessary for work in Teya Conceptor.

Can't update or auto-update broke Teya Conceptor (macOS)
For macOS: "Allow apps downloaded from anywhere" must be enabled in Security and privacy
You can download the last version manually on the links page. Files are new on every version but links are the same:

Why Teya is using web connection?
- To check and download updates
- To check licences
- For online brush library

Can't start (nothing happens) / "No internet connection" problem / doesn't draw (on old PC)
First, look question about antivirus and auto-update (see above).
Reinstall Teya: please follow installing instructions exactly (see above), in most cases issue is in admin rights or wrong installation folder - don't install Teya to 'program files' folder.
Try Portable version (unpack and run Teya.exe) - [link to download]
If it doesn't helps try to remove Teya settings file (see below), check your openGL version (see 'system requirements') and send me a log file (Teya\user\log_file.txt)

Right button (on pen stylus) doesn't work (Windows)
- Disable 'Windows Ink' in your tablet driver settings

Why pen pressure doesn't work?
Teya Conceptor isn't using pen pressure, it not so necessary.
It uses another brush dependencies (speed or angle of drawing trajectory, middle of the stroke, etc)
In more details about brush settings in [tutorial]

Crashes (in beginning)
- Reset Teya (settings/reset via top menu or remove 'user/settings*.txt' in Teya folder)
- Install last version exactly by instructions (see it above)
- If display scaling is changed (windows 7), try to set 'Change the size of text, apps, and others items' to 100% under my display settings (see screenshot).
- Try to disable antivirus/windows defender temporarily (see 'antivirus' question)

How to reset Teya settings?
- Settings->reset in Teya top menu.
Program restart is nessessary. You can also manually remove 'user/settings*.txt' file in Teya folder. Reset don't affect your license.

Low FPS/Performance, Teya works slowly
- Set fastest 'perfomance' UI style in Teya 'settings' top menu.
- Change render mode in 'Render' top menu to fastest 'Simple openGL'
- Try to Reset Teya settings (see question above)
If it doesn't help, maybe it's a vertical sync problem:
- Try to minimize window size and maximize it back.
- Try diferrent 'Settings/Vsync' values in Teya top menu, but defaults is best
It doesn't require Teya restart. You can switch these settings and check FPS.
- Better to disable vsync settings in graphics card driver settings (you can add special Teya/Polybrush preset): see screenshot 1 and screenshot 2.
- If it doesn't help too you can switch from Simple OpenGL mode to matcaps (in Teya 'Render' menu), but the first mode must be faster.
- Try to disable antivirus/windows defender temporarily
- Try to disable windows aero (for windows 7) or use classic shell theme

Polygon (tesselation) wire is always visible
Wire is hiding by F4 or via 'view' or 'render' Teya top menu (depending on version). But some people with Nvidia graphic cards have that wire always visible.
If you one of them maybe you should change video driver settings.
See screenshot 1 and screenshot 2. Nvidia drivers have to force antialiasing and toggle antialiasing for transparency on.

Huion Kamvas GT-156HD tablet issue
Tablet pen pressure is disabled in Teya Conceptor.
If you run Teya, the tablet stops working and does not respond to pen movement, as well as clicks on the screen, here's what you need to do:
- Remove the tablet driver
- Download the latest driver, restart your PC (!) and install new driver
- Download Teya Portable (.zip)
- Run it as admin and immediately close
- Enter to tablet driver settings, turn off 'Enable WinTab Liniar Optimization' and click 'Apply' (screenshot 1)
- Start Teya as admin again, press with stylus in viewport, try to draw in Teya.
- Close Teya and turn 'Enable WinTab Liniar Optimization' again (screenshot 2)
- Reload the PC and everything will be okay =) dll libraries don't need to be deleted (wintab32.dll and MenuWnd.dll)

How to rotate camera and workplane?
Click Help->Navigation hotkeys in top menu or press F1 to see keys list. It works after startscreen passed.
Watching tutorial (see menu of this website) is strong recommended.

UI Elements are too small (or big) because I have very high (low) resolution display
- Settings/Ui size in Teya top menu

What file formats are supported
- *.obj to open/save/import/export scenes and brushes
- *.tga to export made textures and renders, to import as brush form type
Teya don't have it's own file format type and it's very handy. All created scenes and even brushes stored in *.obj files. It supported by most 3D software. Teya just saving all Teya settings (like modifiers) to *.obj comments. Other 3D software ignores that comments, that's why there are no import/export obj in file menu. You can import any Teya scene to any software without re-opening for export.
Use menu 'file' to save/open object files and to export scene render. Also there you can adjust y/z axis direction and scene scale. If you used vertex colors in Teya Conceptor it can be exported to .tga file (disabled by default).
To export scene as alpha-texture (it even can be seamless) use 'alpha exporter' menu in top panel.
Watch tutorial to learn more.

Object is black/Wrong axises or scale
You can change scale/axis settings for opening/saving in 'file' menu
If you want to fix object inside Teya, use modificators (first tool at tools panel).
For example 'normals' modifier can be used if object is black in case of broken normals directions.

Can Teya unwrap UVs?
Teya is a software for modeling and concept art, not for texturing.
It can use only automatically generated UV's based on vertex colors (you can enable it in file menu).
It's useful if you painted surface colors with vtx color brushes.

What will happen if you stop the business? Will we lost our licenses?
Teya is eternal! =) Since Teya Conceptor 3.0 license system is automatic.
It's linked to Gumroad and me is not necessary. If you buy Teya Conceptor product at Gumroad and enter your email in Teya Conceptor - license will work.
In any case, I'm not a company, but one person and you always can contact me directly (via vk or facebook).

Will license work at all my computers? Can license be transferred to another PC?
Licenses are linked to computer hardware.
I understood that users can own a few PC (desktop + laptop, for example) or just buy a new PC. You can use same Gumroad email in this case.
But if the email will be entered at more than 3 different PC's, the license will be blocked.
If you have problems, contact me.

Prices / Discounts / Many licenses
- You can see all available license plans at Gumroad
- All updates are automatically and free
- If you a CG Studio or education college and need many licenses, contact me (see menu at top ot this page)

Tell the story of creation!
Here are few articles:
And of course, Live performances and streams

How to use it? Why do I need this program?
With Teya Conceptor you can save a lot of time by making 3d models in seconds.
Check tutorials and links to examples of using at top of this page.

Teya Conceptor vs Sculpting software
Teya Conceptor is completely different from sculpting. It has different workflow and purposes.
Sculpting most convenient for creating characters. Teya Conceptor is a more versatile tool, suitable for modeling many things. In general, it is useful as an intermediate tool for concept design and kitbashing. With Teya Conceptor you can quickly make basemesh and finish in other software. Or overpaint it in Photoshop for example.
Teya Conceptor workflow is built around the idea of drawing in 3d using 2d canvas and has nothing to do with sculpting or classical methods of modeling.

Interesting software idea, but I can't get used to workflow.
If you can't get used to workplane, firstly try to draw 2d seamless alpha-maps in Teya. (Alpha generator/exporter menu at top of UI).
It helps you to get used to brushes. After some time you will able to use the whole Teya workflow.

I want to be your partner/reseller (or just don't find my question here)
Contact me :) Button is at top of this page.